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What is Virtual Shopping…
Virtual Shopping, is possibly they most efficient use of your time when starting a building or remodeling project:

Virtual, in that you are looking at an advertisement, of a product or service and gain knowledge on the item for purchase or informational purposes without actually touching it. Think of Virtual Shopping as being no different than ordering merchandise from a Penny’s or Sear’s Catalog. The exception would be Virtually ~ through the internet, you automatically receive up to the “minute” accuracy of an item, along with expanded descriptions, availability, on a world wide scale.

Using Virtual Shopping, you will not spend a penny on gas or time traveling from store to store across town, but will enjoy a complete shopping experience from the convenience of your own home. Shopping for YOUR project on YOUR time schedule, not the schedule of multiple showrooms using up your sick days or time off. Imagine, instead of visiting 2 or 3 showrooms in one night, you can visit literally a hundred manufacturer website links, easily outlining and defining your choices available. The manufacturer sites in most cases, make is easy to drill down and find those specific options that matter only to you, all this without standing in lines or waiting for sales people. Who hasn’t looked at an ad in a Newspaper, Magazine or a Department Store catalog, Virtual Shopping substitutes web site page links in place of pages in a printed ad.

The Virtual Shopping links on our site is Today’s Technology working for you. Using the Internet’s version of shopping from a Catalog (of web sites) gives YOU that opportunity to gain information on items to purchase, or just explore for informational purposes, as part of your due diligence process.

The “intent” of Virtual Shopping is to assemble in one convenient place, the “Ad’s” or in our case, the Web Sites of related manufacturer’s and vendors pertaining to our industry, in categories that are easy to navigate. As part of any due diligence process, it is important to see what is out there… not just what is in front of you and available at a particular store.

Even if you do not know what you want, take a cabinet door style for instance: Visit the

“Cabinetry Selections” link to review anything about cabinetry (stain colors, paint colors, door styles even wood species). You may find that you had your mind set on either Alder or Maple but, that Hickory in a mitered door style is the look you desire. There is a mountain of “golden nuggets” as we call them, furnishing YOU up to the second, detailed product information, all this buried in these site links, just waiting to be discovered.

Take notes on your medley of wishes and have this information available for our first site visit. You could also give us an idea of these wishes when sending us an Email to request a site visit. This will enable MCS – Millard Construction Services, Designers the ability to take your experience to the next level. By doing your due diligence through Virtual Shopping, the time frame from “Idea to Conception” is drastically reduced. Our first visit will be more productive in determining a Ball Park budget for your project and getting a feel of how realistic your budget vs. goals are. Right from the start by being an informed client, we will have an idea of your individual tastes and clear vision of your overall desires, possibly even a general theme you want to achieve. Convenience and knowledge what two better reasons for using Virtual Shopping!